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Aims and Procedures

General Aims

One of the aims of ARKIVOC is to honor organic chemists throughout the world on the occasion of special birthdays, or retirement. In suitable cases, commemorative issues will also be issued to honor organic chemists who have passed away.

ARKIVOC seeks in particular, to honor organic chemists who have not received recognition elsewhere but who are considered to deserve such recognition.

Proposals for Commemorative Issues

Proposals for commemorative issues should include the full name, position, address, telephone, fax and e-mail details of the honoree together with the honoree's date of birth. The proposal should also nominate a "Facilitator" indicating the name, position, address, telephone, fax and e-mail of that person and confirming his/her consent to act as Facilitator. An estimate of the number of people who would be invited to submit papers should be included.

Proposals for commemorative issues should be made to Chris Stevens (Chris.Stevens@UGent.be) with a copy to Dennis Hall (cdennishall@aol.com). They will consult and decide whether a specific proposal should be accepted.

Procedure for the Implementation of a Commemorative Issue

The Facilitator and a Scientific Editor, the latter drawn from the Arkivoc Control Board, will be in charge of each commemorative issue.

Duties of the Facilitator

(i) The Facilitator will write to a selected number of friends, associates, colleagues and former students of the person to be honored and invite them to submit a paper for the Commemorative Issue.
(ii) The Facilitator and CDH will decide on a closing date for the submission of manuscripts and a date for submission of the tribute (see below under iv).
(iii) The Facilitator will send, periodically, brief e-mail reports to Dr. C. Dennis Hall with copies to the designated Scientific Editor. The reports should detail the number of letters sent out, the number and names of invitees who have accepted or refused and any other relevant information.
(iv) The Facilitator will prepare a short "Tribute" to introduce the Commemorative Issue. This will consist of a photograph of the honoree, two to three pages of text about him/her, a brief CV, and a short list of significant publications. The Tribute should be forwarded to CDH in the form of a Microsoft Word document, not an Acrobat pdf file. Since issues cannot be paginated until this front matter is available, it is important that Facilitators submit the Tribute by the agreed deadline.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the Arkivoc "Instructions to Authors" and submitted via Online Submission.

Facilitators should note that, however early a Tribute is submitted, it will not be published before Jan. 1 of the year preceding the commemorative issue, i.e. a Tribute to a commemorative issue for 2009 would not be published before Jan. 2008. This also applies to papers submitted early and hence the received date for a manuscript would not be before Jan. 1 of the year preceding publication of the issue.

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