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ARKIVOC Volume 2017
Authors Index

, Sc(OTf)3 catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions: a review. (i) 1-25. 17-9868LR: PDF
, A tribute to Prof. Jacek Młochowski. (ii) 1-6. MJ-1469UT: PDF
, Rongalite®/PEG-400 as reducing system in the synthesis of new glycerol-derived selenol esters using anhydrides and bis-(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolanylmethyl)diselenide as substrates. (ii) 138-148. MJ-9746UP: PDF
, Chiral pyrrolidine thioethers and 2-azanorbornane derivatives bearing additional nitrogen functions. Enantiopure ligands for palladium-catalyzed Tsuji-Trost reaction. (ii) 162-172. MJ-9792UP: PDF
Abashev, Georgii Georgievich Synthesis of novel Y-shaped asymmetrical conjugated 2,4,6-trisubstituted pyrimidines and investigation of their optical and electrochemical properties. (iii) 105-120. OR-9983VP: PDF
Abeed, Ahmed Abdou O. Fused thieno[2,3-b]pyridines: synthesis and characterization of new condensed pyridothienopyrimidines. (iv) 121-136. 17-9991IP: PDF
Ahmed, Mostafa Mohamed Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new thienopyrimidine derivatives. (v) 229-243. 17-10226JP: PDF
Aisa, Haji Recent advances in ipso-nitration reactions. (i) 41-66. 17-9852LR: PDF
Aitken, R. Alan New reactions and reactive intermediates in the pyrolysis of cyclic phosphonium ylides. (iii) 293-301. OR-10208VP: PDF
Anary-Abbasinejad, Mohammad A direct phosphine-mediated synthesis of polyfunctionalized 1-aminopyrroles from arylglyoxals, phenylhydrazine and acetylene diesters. (v) 141-147. 17-9912YP: PDF
Arafa, Wael Abdelgayed Ahmed Utilization of ultrasonic irradiation as green and effective one-pot protocol to prepare novel series of bis-2-amino-1,3,4-oxa(thia)diazoles and bis-tetrazoles. (v) 327-340. 17-10197BP: PDF
Aurrecoechea, Jose M Synthesis of bicyclic alcohols by palladium-catalyzed Et2Zn-mediated intramolecular carbonylpropargylation. (v) 257-267. 17-10251YP: PDF
Bastrakov, Maxim Alexandrovich Dearomatization of 3,5-dinitropyridines – an atom-efficient approach to fused 3-nitropyrrolidines. (iii) 181-190. OR-10185VP: PDF
BAZUREAU, Jean Pierre Microwave assisted practical synthesis of 4-imino-3-phenyl-3,4-dihydro-1H-chromeno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2(5H)-thione derivatives and exploration of their biological activities. (iv) 291-302. 17-10040JP: PDF
Berezin, Andrey Tert-butylation of naphthalene-2,6-diol and 6-methoxynaphthalen-2-ol. (iii) 287-292. OR-10242VP: PDF
Beryozkina, Tetyana Design and synthesis of N-benzimidazol-2-yl-N'-sulfonyl acetamidines. (iii) 225-240. OR-10200VP: PDF
Blachut, Dariusz Adam Efficient synthesis of differently substituted triarylpyridines with the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction. (ii) 369-389. MJ-9772UP: PDF
Bommagani, Shobanbabu Attempts towards the synthesis of mupirocin-H. (iv) 20-33. 17-9744YP: PDF
Borisova, Irina A. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of merocyanine dyes based on dihydropyridine and fragments of cyanoacetic acid derivatives. (iii) 73-86. OR-9908VP: PDF
Bratulescu, George Direct conversion of alkyl halides into benzimidazoles using pyridine-N-oxide and 1,2-diaminobenzenes. (iv) 95-103. 17-9978UP: PDF
Bureš, Filip Synthesis and properties of push-pull imidazole derivatives with application as photoredox catalysts. (iv) 330-342. 17-10071SP: PDF
Capperucci, Antonella Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of double chained and sulfurated derivatives of L-ascorbic acid. (ii) 407-420. MJ-9781UP: PDF
Doboszewski, Bogdan Larger laboratory scale synthesis of 5-methyluridine and formal synthesis of its L-enantiomer. (iv) 249-264. 17-10101UP: PDF
Dubonosov, Alexander D. Synthesis, photo- and ionochromic properties of indolyl(thienyl)maleimides with phenanthroline receptor. (v) 196-203. 17-10262SP: PDF
Elango, Kuppanagounder P. Synthesis and antiviral activity of 4-(7,7-dimethyl-4-[4-{N-aroyl/benzyl}1-piperazinyl]-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinazolin-2-yl)morpholine derivatives. (iv) 353-364. 17-10037GP: PDF
Elinson, Michail Fast highly efficient 'on-solvent' non catalytic cascade transformation of benzaldehydes and 4-hydroxycoumarin into bis(4-hydroxycoumarinyl)arylmethanes. (iii) 121-129. OR-10023VP: PDF
Elleuch, Haitham Chemoselective reaction of ethane-1,2-dithiol, hydrazines, and hydroxylamine onto γ-keto allyl phosphonates and phosphine oxides. (iv) 265-272. 17-9957DP: PDF
Epifano, Francesco Ultrasounds promoted synthesis of 4(3H)-quinazolines under Yb(OTf)3 catalysis. (ii) 68-75. MJ-9710UP: PDF
Espinosa-Bustos, Christian A convenient and simple synthesis of N-aryl-pyrrolopyrimidines using boronic acids and promoted by copper (II) acetate. (iv) 63-73. 17-9952GP: PDF
Fernández Marcos, Carlos An easy synthesis of diversely functionalized 2H-chromenes and amido amines by an enol-Ugi reaction. (iii) 21-31. OR-9775VP: PDF
Fodor, Lajos Synthesis and in vitro antiproliferative effect of isomeric analogs of cyclobrassinin phytoalexin possessing 1,3-thiazino[5,6-b]indole-4-one skeleton. (iv) 1-11. 17-9962ZP: PDF
Franz, Andreas H. Development of a Karplus equation for 3JCOCH in ester-functionalized glucopyranoses and methylglucuronate.. (v) 268-292. 17-10113SP: PDF
Gancarz, Roman Associative vs. dissociative mechanism of P-C bond breaking in α-aminophosphonates leading to phosphoric acid [P(V)] derivatives.. (ii) 285-302. MJ-9779UP: PDF
Gasparova, Renata Synthesis of furo[2',3':4,5]pyrrolo[1,2-d][1,2,4]triazine derivatives and their antibacterial activity. (iv) 184-193. 17-9788GP: PDF
Gasparova, Renata Synthesis and antibacterial activity of furo[3,2-b]pyrrole derivatives. (v) 204-215. 17-10240DP: PDF
Gassama, Abdoulaye Asymmetric synthesis of glutamate derivatives. (iv) 51-62. 17-9974VP: PDF
Gawroński, Jacek A circular dichroism – DFT method for conformational study of flexible molecules: the case of 1- and 2-naphthyl diesters. (ii) 492-506. MJ-9817UP: PDF
Gazieva, Galina A. Functionally substituted aromatic aldehydes as reagents in the synthesis of new substituted thioglycolurils. (iii) 279-286. OR-10243VP: PDF
Ghosh, Subhash Stereoselective synthesis of fully functionalized acyclic core of Tianchimycin A. (v) 301-313. 17-10287YP: PDF
Gryko, Daniel T The Niementowski reaction of anthranilic acid with ethyl acetoacetate revisited: a new access to pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline-2,5-dione. (ii) 7-11. MJ-9584UP: PDF
Gryko, Dorota Photoorganocatalytic α-oxyamination of aldehydes. (ii) 251-259. MJ-9769UP: PDF
Gunkara, Omer Tahir Synthesis of new N-norbornylimide substituted amide derivatives, their reductive Heck and domino Heck reactions. (v) 244-256. 17-10304JP: PDF
Hassanin, Hany Mohamed Synthesis of some novel oxazolopyranoquinolinones from 3-amino-4‐hydroxypyrano[3,2-c]quinolindione. (v) 172-186. 17-10196VP: PDF
Huo, Zhibao Synthesis of 3,4-dihydroisoquinoline N-oxides via palladium-catalyzed intramolecular cyclization of 2-alkylbenzaldoximes. (v) 148-158. 17-10181IP: PDF
Ibrahim-Ouali, Malika Copper-catalyzed steroid reactions. (i) 202-256. 17-9986LR: PDF
Irgashev, Roman Novel push-pull thieno[2,3-b]indole-based dyes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). (iv) 34-50. 17-9887SP: PDF
Iwaoka, Michio Improved synthetic routes to the selenocysteine derivatives useful for Boc-based peptide synthesis with benzylic protection on the selenium atom. (ii) 260-271. MJ-9803UP: PDF
Jagodziński, Tadeusz Stefan Synthesis of sulfanylidene-diazaspirocycloalkanones in a three-component Mannich-type reaction catalyzed with lactic acid. (v) 43-57. 17-10136MP: PDF
Janecki, Tomasz Synthesis of substituted methylidenepyrimidobenzothiazolones as potential cytotoxic agents. (ii) 118-137. MJ-9707UP: PDF
Jarosz, Slawomir Synthesis of macrocyclic derivatives with di-sucrose scaffold. (ii) 76-86. MJ-9719UP: PDF
Jewgiński, Michał Kinetics of photochemical isomerization of TFA-Gly-ZΔPhe into TFA-Gly-EΔPhe. (iv) 88-94. 17-9936DP: PDF
Juárez, Ericka Santacruz Synthesis and conformational analysis of novel tertiary amides derived from N-[(S)-α-phenylethyl]-1,3-imidazolidine. (v) 89-99. 17-10022OP: PDF
Jurczak, Janusz The influence of salt additives on the macrocyclic product distributions in double-amidation reactions. (ii) 534-545. MJ-9824UP: PDF
Kafarski, Pawel Diethyl boronobenzylphosphonates as substrates in Petasis reaction. (ii) 107-117. MJ-9740UP: PDF
Kar, Gandhi Kumar A new synthesis of pleraplysillin-1, a sponge metabolite, using Wittig olefination. (v) 1-9. 17-10007MP: PDF
Kaszynski, Piotr Molecular engineering of liquid crystalline derivatives of 6-oxoverdazyl. (ii) 345-368. MJ-9800UP: PDF
Kebede, Naod Vapor phase phototransposition chemistry of dimethylpyrazines and dimethylpyrimidines. (v) 216-228. 17-10267SP: PDF
Kiamehr, Mostafa Ultrasound-assisted, ZnBr2-catalyzed regio- and stereoselective synthesis of novel 3,3′-dispiropyrrolidine bisoxindole derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of an azomethine ylide. (v) 20-31. 17-10046DP: PDF
KORONIAK-SZEJN, Katarzyna Fluorinated organic azides – their preparation and synthetic application. (ii) 421-432. MJ-9771UP: PDF
Korotkikh, Nikolai Ivanovich Synthesis and properties of heteroaromatic carbenes of the imidazole and triazole series and their fused analogues. (i) 257-355. 17-10110LR: PDF
Korotkikh, Nikolai Ivanovich Highly efficient carbene and polycarbene catalysis of the transesterification reaction. (iv) 365-376. 17-10034UP: PDF
Koutentis, Panayiotis A. A tribute to Professor Oleg Alekseevich Rakitin. (iii) 1-8. OR-1471VT: PDF
Kravchenko, Angelina Nikolaevna Unusual formation of imidazooxazolone in the reaction of 1-[(2-acetylamino)ethyl]imidazolone with KSCN in the presence of AcOH. (iii) 63-72. OR-10048VP: PDF
Kudelko, Agnieszka Study on DDQ-promoted synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles from acid hydrazides and aldehydes. (ii) 87-106. MJ-9668UP: PDF
Luzzio, Frederick Anthony Selective fluorination of natural products. (i) 117-147. 17-9917LR: PDF
Mahdavi, Mohammad Appel reagent as novel promoter for the synthesis of polysubstituted imidazoles. (iv) 343-352. 17-10039DP: PDF
Mahdavi, Mohammad Efficient three-component synthesis of N-alkyl-3,6-diaryl-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-b][1,2,4]triazin-7-amines under solvent-free condition. (v) 293-300. 17-10175DP: PDF
Makhova, Nina N. Lewis acid-catalyzed Wolff cyclocondensation in the synthesis of (1H-1,2,3-triazolyl)furoxans. (iii) 140-150. OR-10070VP: PDF
Makhova, Nina N. Synthesis, structural characterization and cytotoxic activity of heterocyclic compounds containing the furoxan ring. (iii) 250-268. OR-10229VP: PDF
Medvedeva, Svetlana M. Reaction of substituted 1-methylthio-4,5-dihydro[1,2]dithiolo[3,4-c]quinolin iodides with arylamines. Synthesis of novel 1,2-dithiolo[3,4-c]quinolin-1-ylidene(aryl)amines and 10-(arylimino)-7,10-dihydro[1,2]dithiolo[3,4-c]pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinoline-4,5-diones. (iii) 269-278. OR-10140VP: PDF
Milata, Viktor Study of reactions of pentafluorophenylhydrazine with activated enolethers. Synthesis of N-pentafluorophenylpyrazoles. (ii) 446-456. MJ-9659UP: PDF
Mlostoń, Grzegorz Application of diethyl ethynephosphonate for the synthesis of 3-phosphonylated β-lactams via Kinugasa reaction. (ii) 59-67. MJ-9660UP: PDF
mohamed, walid fathalla Synthesis of methyl [3-alkyl-2-(2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-quinazolin-1-yl)-acetamido] alkanoate. (iv) 104-120. 17-9947QP: PDF
mohamed, walid fathalla Synthesis of methyl 2-[(1,2-dihydro-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-phenylquinolin-3-yl)carbonylamino] alkanoates and methyl 2-[2-((1,2-dihydro-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-phenylquinolin-3-yl)carbonyl-amino)alkanamido] alkanoate. (iv) 158-173. 17-9946GP: PDF
Mohamed, Yasser An efficient stereoselective synthesis of a sulfur-bridged analogue of bosseopentaenoic acid as a potential antioxidant agent. (v) 10-19. 17-10086BP: PDF
Mohammadi Ziarani, Ghodsi Recent applications of isatin in the synthesis of organic compounds. (i) 148-201. 17-9980LR: PDF
Mucha, Artur P-C bond formation in reactions of Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts with phosphorus nucleophiles. (ii) 324-344. MJ-9787UR: PDF
Muchalski, Hubert Site-specific synthesis and application of deuterium-labeled sterols. (ii) 507-533. MJ-9755UR: PDF
Musalov, Maxim V. Regio-selective syntheses of bis(2-haloalkyl) selenides and dihalo[bis(2-haloalkyl)]-λ4-selanes from selenium dihalides and 1-alkenes and the methoxyselenenylation reaction. (iii) 365-376. OR-10351VP: PDF
Musumarra, Giuseppe Gas principal properties as new compact descriptors for data-driven gas solubility modelling. (v) 356-369. 17-10327UP: PDF
Nguyen, Thanh-Danh A facile synthesis of racemic aggregation pheromones of palm pests, Rhinoceros beetle and Rhynchophorus weevil. (v) 187-195. 17-10271UP: PDF
Novikov, Roman A. Reaction of trifluoromethyl 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds with formaldehyde and esters of natural α-aminoacids. (iv) 222-235. 17-10003BP: PDF
Ochoa-Teran, Adrian Synthesis of cis-enamide macrocycles via ring-closing metathesis. (iv) 194-209. 17-10021UP: PDF
Olszewski, Tomasz K Application of tris(trimethylsilyl) phosphite as convenient phosphorus nucleophile in the direct synthesis of tetrasubstituted α-aminophosphonic acids from ketimines. (ii) 173-179. MJ-9773UP: PDF
Penieres Carrillo, Jose Guillermo Synthesis of novel benzimidazole-diindolylmethane hybrid compounds within the green chemistry context. (iv) 210-221. 17-9971GP: PDF
Petrosyan, Vladimir Anushavanovich Oxidative conversion of N-substituted 3-aminopyrazoles to azopyrazoles using electrogenerated NaOCl as the mediator. (iii) 55-62. OR-10030VP: PDF
Piccialli, Vincenzo Pyridinium chlorochromate chemistry. New insight into oxidation of tetrahydrofurans. (iv) 273-290. 17-10063ZP: PDF
Pieczonka, Adam Marek Synthesis of chiral 1-(2-aminoalkyl)aziridines via the self-opening reaction of aziridine. (ii) 223-234. MJ-9741UP: PDF
Pietka-Ottlik, Magdalena Katarzyna Synthesis of new alkylated and methoxylated analogues of ebselen with antiviral and antimicrobial properties. (ii) 546-556. MJ-9797UP: PDF
Polonik, Sergey Georgievich The synthesis of thioglucosides substituted 1,4-naphthoquinones and their conversion in oxathiane fused quinone-thioglucoside conjugates. (iii) 302-315. OR-10241VP: PDF
Potapov, Vladimir A. Highly efficient regioselective synthesis of organotellurium compounds based on the reactions of tellurium tetrachloride with 1-alkenes. (iii) 326-334. OR-10272VP: PDF
Potemkin, Vladimir Design and theoretical study of D–A–pi–A' organic sensitizers with [1,2,5]oxa-, thia- or selenadiazoloazine fragment. (iii) 346-364. OR-10228VP: PDF
Ramsden, Christopher A. Preparation of pyridine-stretched 2'-deoxyhypoxanthosine phosphoramidite. (iii) 87-104. OR-10075VP: PDF
Rocha, João Batista Biological and chemical interest in selenium: a brief historical account. (ii) 457-491. MJ-9784UR: PDF
Safa, Kazem D. Ultrasound assisted synthesis of thiazolidine thiones containing 1,2,3-triazoles using Cu/TiO2. (iv) 145-157. 17-9761KP: PDF
Saito, Akio Metal-free syntheses of oxazoles and their analogues based on λ3-iodane-mediated cycloisomerization/functionalization reactions or [2+2+1] cycloaddition type reactions. (i) 84-98. 17-9965LU: PDF
Santi, Claudio Kinetic resolution of 2-methoxycarbonylalk-3-enols through a stereoselective cyclofunctionalization promoted by an enantiomerically pure electrophilic selenium reagent. (ii) 303-312. MJ-9826UP: PDF
Santra, Sougata Solvent-free synthesis of (poly)thiacalix[n]arenes: the evaluation of possible mechanism based on semi-preparative HPLC separation and mass-spectrometric investigation of the reaction products. (v) 159-171. 17-10186SP: PDF
Schiesser, Carl H Heteroorganic molecules and bacterial biofilms: Controlling biodeterioration of cultural heritage. (ii) 180-222. MJ-9765UR: PDF
Scianowski, Jacek Reactivity of dipinanyl diselenides functionalized at C-10-position with -CH2O(Se)Ph, -OH and -OCPh3 substituents. (ii) 272-284. MJ-9756UP: PDF
seddiki, khemissi Microwave-assisted synthesis of new imide- and formamide-derivatives of 2(3H)-benzoxazolinones and 2(3H)-benzothiazolinones. (iv) 315-329. 17-9926ZP: PDF
Semenov, Victor Vladimirovich Synthesis and antimitotic properties of ortho-substituted polymethoxydiarylazolopyrimidines. (iii) 151-165. OR-10031VP: PDF
SHANMUGANATHAN, T. Synthesis, anti-inflammatory activity of picen-13-ylmethylene derivatives. (v) 67-79. 17-10100JP: PDF
Shundrin, Leonid Anatolievich Electrochemical reduction, radical anions, and dehalogenation of fluorinated/chlorinated 2,1,3-benzothia/selenadiazoles. (iii) 166-180. OR-10116VP: PDF
Singh, Sarangthem Joychandra Diacetoxyiodobenzene mediated oxidative dethionation of N-substituted-5-arylmethylidene rhodanines: an efficient synthesis of N-substituted-5-arylmethylidene thiazolidine-2,4-diones. (iv) 137-144. 17-9848KP: PDF
Soloducho, Jadwiga Maria Conjugated arylenes: their convenient synthesis, luminescence characteristics, and applications. (ii) 390-406. MJ-9736UR: PDF
Soto-Castro, Delia Synthesis of Fréchet-type poly(aryl ether) dendrimers with allyl end groups: comparative convergent and divergent approaches. (v) 117-128. 17-9994JP: PDF
Sparatore, Anna Synthesis of new dithiolethione and methanethiosulfonate systems endowed with pharmaceutical interest. (ii) 235-250. MJ-9805UP: PDF
spivak, anna yulevna Effective synthesis of novel furan-fused pentacyclic triterpenoids via anionic 5-exo dig cyclization of 2-alkynyl-3-oxotriterpene acids. (v) 100-116. 17-10142NP: PDF
Strub, Daniel Jan Synthesis, lipase catalyzed kinetic resolution, and determination of the absolute configuration of enantiomers of the Morita-Baylis-Hillman adduct 3-hydroxy-2-methylenebutanenitrile. (ii) 313-323. MJ-9749UP: PDF
Stuzhin, Pavel A. 1,2,5-Thiadiazolo[3,4-b]pyrazine-5,6-dicarbonitrile and derived porphyrazines: synthesis and electrochemical study. (iii) 130-139. OR-10103VP: PDF
Stýskala, Jakub Analogs of biologically active compounds IX. Synthesis of several new uracil and pteridine 6-aza-analogs based on cyclization of arylhydrazones derived from mesoxalic acid. (v) 129-140. 17-10123IP: PDF
Suwiński, Jerzy Wiktor cine- and tele-Substitution reactions: review of work from 2002-2016. (i) 402-435. 17-10215LR: PDF
Szafert, Sławomir Robert Reactivity of 3-halopropynols: X-ray crystallographic analysis of 1,1-dihalocumulenes and 2+2 cycloaddition products. (iii) 191-204. OR-10133VP: PDF
Taydakov, Ilya V. Synthesis, crystal structure and electroluminescent properties of fac-bromotricarbonyl ([1,2,5]oxadiazolo[3',4':5,6]pyrazino- [2,3-f][1,10]phenanthroline) rhenium (I). (iii) 205-216. OR-10130VP: PDF
Teodorescu, Florina Selective alkylation of m-cresol with isopropyl alcohol under solvent-free conditions. (v) 58-66. 17-9943QP: PDF
THIERY, VALERIE Synthesis of novel heterocyclic fused pyrimidin-4-one derivatives from imino-1,2,3-dithiazoles. (iii) 335-345. OR-10256VP: PDF
Tiwari, Vinod K. A new methodology for the synthesis of N-acylbenzotriazoles. (v) 80-88. 17-10129DP: PDF
Varvounis, George Cerium(IV) ammonium nitrate for the tandem nitration and oxidative rearrangement of 2-acetyl-1-naphthol benzoylhydrazones into 1,2-diacylnaphthalenes; synthesis of benzo[f]phthalazines. (iii) 41-54. OR-10011VP: PDF
Venkateswarlu, Somepalli "On water" synthesis of aurones: first synthesis of 4,5,3',4',5'-pentamethoxy-6-hydroxyaurone from Smilax riparia . (iv) 303-314. 17-9918NP: PDF
Verbitskiy, Egor Vladimirovich Diazatriphenylenes and their thiophene analogues: synthesis and applications. (i) 356-401. 17-10190LR: PDF
Verbitskiy, Egor Vladimirovich New "turn-off" fluorescence sensors to detect vapors of nitro-explosives on the basis of 4,6-bis[5-(heteroaryl)thiophen-2-yl] substituted 5-(4-tert-butylphenyl)pyrimidines. (v) 341-355. 17-10353VP: PDF
Veselovsky, Vladimir Vsevolodovich Enantiosective synthesis of a substituted cyclopentanone with all-carbon quaternary stereocenter. (iii) 217-224. OR-10173VP: PDF
Walczak, Krzysztof Zdzislaw Synthesis of 5-hetaryluracil derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction. (ii) 149-161. MJ-9754UP: PDF
wang, jing Aldehyde mediated N-nitrosation of an amino acid. (iv) 12-19. 17-9869BP: PDF
Whiting, Andrew Broadening the synthetic organic applications of Frustrated Lewis Pairs. (i) 26-40. 17-9870LR: PDF
Wilk, Kazimiera Anna Synthesis of new zinc (II) phthalocyanine conjugates with block copolymers for cancer therapy. (ii) 433-445. MJ-9764UP: PDF
Wójtowicz-Młochowska, Halina Synthetic utility of metal catalyzed hydrogen peroxide oxidation of C-H, C-C and C=C bonds in alkanes, arenes and alkenes: Recent advances. (ii) 12-58. MJ-9578UR: PDF
Woollins, John Derek Application of four-membered ring chalcogenation reagents to the synthesis of new phosphorus-chalcogen heterocycles. (iii) 9-20. OR-9807VP: PDF
Wzorek, Alicja Self-disproportionation of enantiomers (SDE) of chiral sulfur-containing compounds via achiral chromatography. (ii) 557-578. MJ-9829UR: PDF
xu, xiaoliang Synthesis of substituted imid(thi)azolidines by [3+2] cycloaddition of aziridines with nitriles(isothiocyanates) via visible light photocatalysis. (v) 314-326. 17-10246UP: PDF
Yarovenko, Vladimir Nikolaevich A convenient modified synthesis of 5-pyridinyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-carboxamides. (iii) 316-325. OR-10233VP: PDF
Yirsaw, Alemayehu Mekonnen Phase transfer catalyzed conjugate addition-initiated ring-closure (CAIRC) reactions with 2-bromo-2-cyclopentenones. (iv) 74-87. 17-9911IP: PDF
Zeng, Qingle Chiral N-aryl tert-butanesulfinamide-olefin ligands for rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric 1,4-addition of aryl boronic acids to cyclic enones. (v) 32-42. 17-9977YP: PDF
zhang, cai Application of fluoroform in trifluoromethylation and difluoromethylation reactions. (i) 67-83. 17-9884LR: PDF
Zhang, Xue-Jing Intramolecular dehydrogenative coupling of biaryl tertiary amines promoted with t-BuOK/DMF: A convenient synthesis of 6-aryl-5,6-dihydrophenanthridines. (iv) 174-183. 17-10000UP: PDF
Zhdankin, Viktor V. Oxidative cyclizations of oximes using hypervalent iodine reagents. (i) 99-116. 17-10013UU: PDF
Zhdankin, Viktor V. Oxidation of sulfides using recyclable pseudocyclic benziodoxole triflate. (iii) 32-40. OR-9893VP: PDF
Zhou, Jing A facile base-promoted domino Michael/O-alkylation reaction for the construction of succinimide-substituted 3(2H)-furanones. (iv) 236-248. 17-10017UP: PDF
Zlotin, Sergei Grigorievich Novel L-threonine-based ionic liquid supported organocatalyst for asymmetric syn-aldol reaction: activity and recyclability design. (iii) 241-249. OR-10149VP: PDF

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