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ARKIVOC Volume 2007
Authors Index

, Synthesis of 4 substituted chromanes and 1 substituted benzo[f]chromanes by tandem 6-exo trig cyclization-SRN1 reactions. (iv) 73-83. JB-1983JP: PDF
, Stereoselective preparation of γ- and σ-sultams by thermal and high-pressure intramolecular Diels–Alder reaction of vinylsulfonamides. (v) 167-190. LT-2082HP: PDF
, Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new 2-azetidinones from N-(salicylidene)amines and 2-diazo-1,2-diarylethanones. (ix) 80-90. BA-2074LP: PDF
, A straightforward synthesis of 3-substituted azetidinic amino acids. (x) 71-93. AK-2120GP: PDF
, Efficient synthesis of aryldipyrromethanes in water and their application in the synthesis of corroles and dipyrromethenes. (x) 307-324. AK-2271GP: PDF
Abad, Maria José Baccharis (Compositae): a review update. (vii) 76-96. UR-1989CR: PDF
Abarca, Belen Pyridylcarbene formation by thermal decomposition of 7-bromo-3-methyl-[1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridine under pressure. (iv) 297-303. JB-2048JP: PDF
Abdou, Wafaa M. A facile access to condensed and spirosubstituted pyrimidine phosphor esters. (xv) 45-60. 07-2378AP: PDF
Abe, Manabu Exo-selective formation of bicyclic oxetanes in the photocycloaddition reaction of carbonyl compounds with vinylene carbonate: the important role of intermediary triplet diradicals in the stereoselectivity. (viii) 58-65. WA-2111AP: PDF
Addae-Mensah, Ivan A novel D:A-friedooleanane triterpenoid and other constituents of the stem bark of Dichapetalum barteri Engl.. (ix) 71-79. BA-2027LP: PDF
Afonso, Carlos A. M. New promoters for the molybdenum hexacarbonyl- mediated Pauson–Khand reaction. (xv) 127-141. 07-2550HP: PDF
Aggarwal, Varinder K. Studies towards a biomimetic synthesis of α-cyclopiazonic acid: synthesis of 5-substituted isoxazole-4-carboxylic esters. (v) 139-151. LT-1941HP: PDF
Aggarwal, Ranjana Reaction of 2-hydrazino-3-methylquinoxaline with aryl-1,3-diketones: A structural reinvestigation. (xv) 292-302. 07-2458MP: PDF
Agrawal, R. K. Synthesis and evaluation of mutual prodrugs of isoniazid, p-amino salicylic acid and ethambutol. (i) 105-118. 07-2381BP: PDF
Agrawal, R. K. QSAR study of novel 1,1,3-trioxo[1,2,4]-thiadiazine (TTDs) analogues as potent anti-HIV agents. (xiv) 204-212. 07-2509AP: PDF
Ajay Babu, P. Pyridines, pyridazines and guanines as CDK2 inhibitors: a review. (ii) 247-265. 07-2797LR: PDF
Al-Matar, Hamad M. 2-Arylhydrazononitriles in heterocyclic synthesis: a novel route to 1,3-diaryl-1,2,4-triazol-5-amines via a Tiemann rearrangement of arylhydrazonoamidoximes. (xiii) 53-62. 07-2372LP: PDF
Al-Mousawi, Saleh Mohamed Alkylazinylcarbonitriles as building blocks in organic synthesis: synthesis of 3-amino-7-arylhyrazonothieno-7H-[3,4-c]-pyridine-4,6-diones and pyrido-[3,4-c]-pyridazine-5-carbonitrile. (i) 213-221. 07-2311NP: PDF
Alam, Mahmood A Tribute to Prof. Atta-Ur-Rahman. (vii) 1-7. UR-1425CT: PDF
Alcaide, Benito Organocatalyzed diastereoselective Henry reaction of enantiopure 4-oxoazetidine-2-carbaldehydes. (iv) 285-296. JB-2021JP: PDF
Alvarez-Builla, Julio Synthesis of ω-(1,1,3-trioxo-1,3-dihydrobenzo[d]isothiazol-2-yl)-alkanecarboxylic acids: conventional versus microwave heating. (iv) 312-319. JB-2046JP: PDF
Aly, Ashraf A. Unusual reactivity of thiosemicarbazides towards 2,3-diphenylcyclopropenone: synthesis of new pyridazinethiones and 1,2,4-triazolo[4,3-b]pyridazinethiones. (xiv) 1-11. 07-2383JP: PDF
Aly, Ashraf A. Reactions of amidrazones with 1,4-quinones. (xvi) 41-50. 07-2763UP: PDF
Amaravathi, Mandha Synthesis of meso- tetrakis (2-chloroquinolin-3-yl) porphyrins. (i) 148-153. 07-2377MP: PDF
Amat, Mercedes A Tribute to Prof. Joan Bosch. (iv) 1-7. JB-1421JT: PDF
Asakawa, Yoshinori Phytochemistry of three selected liverworts: Conocephalum conicum, Plagiochila barteri and P. terebrans. (vii) 22-29. UR-1924CP: PDF
Ata, Athar New chemical constituents of Ambrosia psilostachya. (xiii) 195-203. 07-2351MP: PDF
Aubry, Jean-Marie Determination of physical (kq) and chemical (kr) rate constants for singlet oxygen quenching using the thermolysis of a naphthalenic endoperoxide in H2O and D2O. (viii) 245-256. WA-2137AP: PDF
Baader, Wilhelm Josef Theoretical studies on thermal stability of alkyl-substituted 1,2-dioxetanes. (viii) 257-272. WA-2191AP: PDF
Badía, Dolores An improved procedure for the preparation of chiral nonracemic N-tosyl-2-alkylaziridines and N,2-dialkylaziridines on multigram-scale. (iv) 304-311. JB-2034JP: PDF
Bailey, Patrick D. Unusual rearrangements and cyclizations involving polycyclic indolic systems. (xi) 161-171. HG-2345EP: PDF
Balaban, Alexandru T. Reaction of 2-(α-bromoacetyl)-phenoxathiin with substituted o-, m-, or p-formyl-aroxides. (xiii) 8-22. 07-2348HP: PDF
Balaban, Alexandru T. Synthesis and fluorescent properties of new derivatives of 4-amino-7-nitrobenzofurazan. (xiii) 87-104. 07-2475DP: PDF
Balci, Metin The substituent effect on the cycloheptatriene-norcaradiene equilibrium. Reaction of singlet oxygen with substituted cycloheptatrienes. (viii) 150-162. WA-2045AP: PDF
Ballini, Roberto Synthesis and use of nitrocyclopropane derivatives. (vii) 172-194. UR-2142CR: PDF
Bandgar, Babasaheb P. Fluoroboric acid adsorbed on silica gel catalyzed synthesis of bisindolyl alkanes under mild and solvent-free conditions. (xvi) 252-259. 07-2412GP: PDF
Banerjee, Ajoy K. A simple synthesis of 2-acetyl-5-hydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene. (vii) 8-11. UR-1912CP: PDF
Barceló, A. Ros p-Hydroxycinnamyl aldehydes in lignifying plant cell walls. (vii) 167-171. UR-1997CP: PDF
Barluenga, Jose Efficient synthesis of 2-alkoxy-1,3-butadienes by methylenation of alkenyl Fischer carbene complexes. (iv) 356-363. JB-2157JP: PDF
Baser, K. Husnu Can Studies on Betula essential oils. (vii) 335-348. UR-2307CR: PDF
Batra, Sanjay Studies on the Baylis-Hillman reaction of pyrazolecarbaldehydes under the influence of DABCO: positional effect on the reactivity of the formyl group. (xiv) 185-203. 07-2552MP: PDF
BAZUREAU, Jean Pierre Task-specific ionic liquid technology applied to the synthesis of Biginelli 3,4-dihydropyrimidine-2(1H)-ones: A three-component condensation protocol based on ionic liquid phase bound acetoacetate. (iii) 13-28. EA-2010DP: PDF
Bechara, Etelvino J. H. Chemical, biological and evolutionary aspects of beetle bioluminescence. (viii) 311-323. WA-2184AU: PDF
Beckert, Rainer A Tribute to Prof. Ernst Anders. (iii) 1-4. EA-1415DT: PDF
Beckert, Rainer Cycloaminals of trichloroacetaldehyde: synthesis and their use as carbene-precursors. (iii) 68-76. EA-2094DP: PDF
Beller, Matthias Synthesis and catalytic application of novel binaphthyl-derived phosphorous ligands. (v) 50-66. LT-1961HP: PDF
Ben Hadda, Taibi Synthesis of new potential ligands for metal complex wires: 2-pyridinmethyl-{4-[(2-pyridinylmethylimino)-methyl]-benzylidene}amines. (xiv) 257-265. 07-2624LP: PDF
Ben Hadda, Taibi Synthesis and antitubercular activity of spiroheterocycles: 2,2’,4’,5’-tetra-substituted-1,2,2',4'-tetrahydro-4H-spiro[isoquinoline-3,3'-pyrazol]-4-ones. (xiv) 276-288. 07-2649CP: PDF
Ben Hadda, Taibi Cobalt(II) and copper(II) in selective coordination of armed ligands: {[(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methyl]amino}acetic acid and {[bis-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methyl]amino}acetic acid. (xv) 215-224. 07-2625EP: PDF
Ben Hadda, Taibi Combined drug design of potential Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV-1 inhibitors: 3’,4’-di-substituted -4'H-spiro[isothiochromene-3,5'-isoxazol]-4(1H)-one. (xvi) 19-40. 07-2701JP: PDF
Ben Hadda, Taibi Crystalline structure of a new strontium-lasalocid complex: aqua bis-(lasalocid)-strontium(II) containing nine-coordinate Sr. (xvi) 314-321. 07-2835EP: PDF
Bermejo, Paulina Active antifungal substances from natural sources. (vii) 116-145. UR-2002CR: PDF
Bianco, Armandodoriano Molecular composition and quality/taste of olive oil: monoterpenes and natural phenols. (vii) 146-156. UR-1886CR: PDF
Boland, Wilhelm Dehydrogenation of ocimene by active carbon: artefact formation during headspace sampling from leaves of Phaseolus lunatus. (iii) 164-172. EA-2358DP: PDF
Bonjoch, Josep Studies in the FR901483 tricyclic skeleton synthesis and a new approach to the perhydropyrrolo[2,1-i]indole ring system. (iv) 320-330. JB-2161JP: PDF
Boyom, Fabrice Fekam Antimalarial prenylated chalcones from the twigs of Dorstenia barteri var. subtriangularis. (xiii) 116-123. 07-2459BP: PDF
Braekman, Jean-Claude A new diterpene enone from the soldier beetle Cantharis livida (Coleoptera: Cantharidae). (x) 5-9. AK-1923GP: PDF
Buyuktas, Birsen S. Chemoselective reduction of aldehydes and ketones to alcohols using boron tri-isopropoxide, B(O-i-Pr)3 and boron tri-secondary butoxide, B(O-s-Bu)3 as catalysts. (xiv) 134-140. 07-2581HP: PDF
Caira, Mino R. Helical chirality of pyrrolo[1,2-a][4,5]diazafluoren-5-one derivatives. (xvi) 101-112. 07-2773CP: PDF
Cankař, Petr Preparation and characterization of some unsymmetrical 2-(dialkylamino)ethanethiols. (xv) 171-180. 07-2641GP: PDF
Cantrell, Charles L. Bioassay-guided isolation of anti-algal constituents from Inula helenium and Limonium myrianthum. (vii) 65-75. UR-1979CP: PDF
Carballeira, Nestor M. An improved synthesis for the (Z)-14-methyl-9-pentadecenoic acid and its topoisomerase I inhibitory activity. (viii) 49-57. WA-2089AP: PDF
Castillon, Sergio A study of the oxepane synthesis by a 7-endo electrophile-induced cyclization reaction of alkenylsulfides. An approach towards the synthesis of septanosides. (iv) 364-379. JB-2127JP: PDF
Cativiela, Carlos A new approach to enantiopure β-endo-substituted azabicyclic proline analogues by base induced epimerization of a formyl derivative. (iv) 157-169. JB-2058JP: PDF
Chang, Huan-Tsung Synthesis of novel benzothiazole compounds with an extended conjugated system. (xvi) 113-122. 07-2786UP: PDF
Chawla, Har Mohindra Calixarenes as sensor materials for recognition and separation of metal ions. (ii) 172-200. 07-2457LR: PDF
Claramunt, Rosa Maria Structural characterization of alloxazine and substituted isoalloxazines: NMR and X-ray crystallography. (iv) 20-38. JB-1724JP: PDF
Claramunt, Rosa Maria Double addition of azoles to glyoxal: characterization of the bis-adducts and theoretical study of their structure. (xii) 55-66. MJ-2336BP: PDF
Cordell, Geoffrey A. Natural products in a world out-of-balance. (vii) 97-115. UR-2003CR: PDF
Corma, Avelino Water-resistant Lewis-acid sites: carbonyl-ene reactions catalyzed by tin-containing, hydrophobic molecular sieves. (viii) 40-48. WA-2036AP: PDF
Cossy, Janine Enantioselective ring expansion of prolinols and ring-closing metathesis: formal synthesis of (-)-swainsonine. (v) 38-45. LT-1958HP: PDF
Costa, Maria do Céu Mass spectrometric analysis of epimeric 3α/3β functionalized steroids. (xiv) 163-171. 07-2431AP: PDF
Costero, Ana M. Colorimetric sensing of anions by a neutral biphenyl based amide receptor. (iv) 92-101. JB-1995JP: PDF
Courillon, Christine Selective ring opening of silylated vinyloxiranes and reactivity of azido-alcohols. (v) 277-292. LT-2218HP: PDF
Dall’Acqua, Francesco Photoinduced modifications by fluoroquinolone drugs in bovine serum albumin (BSA) and ribonuclease A (RNAse) as model proteins. (viii) 231-244. WA-2116AP: PDF
Dandala, Ramesh A facile one pot synthesis of bisphosphonic acids and their sodium salts from nitriles. (xiv) 34-38. 07-2297KP: PDF
Das, Biplab K. Synthesis of novel fluorophenylaryl / heteroaryl ether derivatives. (xvi) 73-82. 07-2675AP: PDF
Davies-Coleman, Michael T. New isocopalane diterpene diester from a sub-Antarctic marine nudibranch. (ix) 121-128. BA-2261LP: PDF
De Kimpe, Norbert Reactivity of 1-alkyl-2-(bromomethyl)aziridines towards n-butyllithium. (x) 365-373. AK-2380GP: PDF
de Souza, Marcus V. N. Evaluation of anti-tubercular activity of nicotinic and isoniazid analogues. (xv) 181-191. 07-2548GP: PDF
De Tommasi, Nunziatina New phenolic derivatives from Vernonia mapirensis Gleason. (vii) 349-358. UR-2258CP: PDF
Deeb, Omar Topological modeling of antimycobacterial activity of 3-formyl rifamycin SV derivatives. (xiv) 141-162. 07-2360MP: PDF
Dega-Szafran, Zofia Synthesis and characterization of 1-carbalkoxymethyl-4-hydroxy-1-methylpiperidinium chlorides. (vi) 90-102. JE-1959MP: PDF
Delgado, Antonio Studies on the reactivity of cis-3-benzyloxy-1,2-epoxycyclohexane. (iv) 188-195. JB-1949JP: PDF
Desai, Vikas A. Synthesis of some novel fluorinated 4-thiazolidinones containing amide linkages and their antimicrobial screening. (xiv) 218-228. 07-2585UP: PDF
Diederichsen, Ulf Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized with peptides by electrostatic interactions. (v) 79-90. LT-1936HP: PDF
Dinares, Immaculada Betaines of pyridinium benzimidazolate containing polymethylene interannular spacers. (iv) 408-420. JB-2316JP: PDF
Dömling, Alexander Parallel synthesis of arrays of 1,4,5-trisubstituted 1-(4-piperidyl)-imidazoles by IMCR: A novel class of aspartyl protease inhibitors. (xii) 99-109. MJ-2333BP: PDF
Döring, Manfred A novel and efficient synthesis of trivalent 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide derivatives. (iii) 132-142. EA-2253DP: PDF
Dubey, Pramod K. A facile tandem synthesis of α-benzyl benzimidazole acetonitriles. (xv) 192-198. 07-2584BP: PDF
Dubois, Philippe Benzyl β-malolactonate: synthesis, copolymerization and design of novel biodegradable macromolecular surfactants. (x) 57-70. AK-2167GP: PDF
East, Stephen P. Application of a 5-endo-trig cyclisation in the total synthesis of (+)-preussin. (xii) 67-90. MJ-2313BP: PDF
El Ashry, El Sayed H. MAOS versus conventional synthesis of 4,5-di- and 3,4,5-triphenylimidazole-2-thione and their derivatives. (vii) 30-40. UR-1729CP: PDF
El-Saghier, Ahmed M. M. Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some new fused chromenes. (xvi) 83-91. 07-2484AP: PDF
Elassar, Abdel-Zaher A. Chemistry of carbofunctionally substituted hydrazones. (ii) 272-315. 07-2754LR: PDF
Elkhayat, Ehab S. Indole alkaloid from the Red Sea sponge Hyrtios erectus. (xv) 225-231. 07-2708UP: PDF
Eloff, Jacobus N. Novel antibacterial triterpenoid from Combretum padoides [Combretaceae]. (ix) 113-120. BA-2044LP: PDF
Estevez, Ramon J. Total synthesis of (5S,6S)-6-amino-2,8-dimethylnonan-5-ol and (5S,6S)-6-amino-7-cyclohexyl-2-methylheptan-5-ol. (iv) 380-388. JB-2125JP: PDF
Evidente, Antonio Diplofuranones A and B, two further new 4-monosubstituted 2(3H)-dihydrofuranones produced by Diplodia corticola, a fungus pathogen of cork oak. (vii) 318-328. UR-2182CP: PDF
Fathalla, Walid Synthesis and reactions of methyl 2-[3-(2-phenylquinazolin-4-yl)thioureido]alkanoates. (i) 236-243. 07-2308FP: PDF
Fathalla, Walid Convenient synthesis of 1-substituted-4-methyl-5-oxo [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]quinazolines. (xvi) 173-186. 07-2685OP: PDF
Feliu, Lidia Microwave-enhanced solid phase synthesis of 1,4,8-triazaspiro[4.5]decan-2-ones. (iv) 65-72. JB-1994JP: PDF
Font, Josep Synthesis of (+)- and (-)-dihydromenisdaurilide and (+)- and (-)-dihydroaquilegiolide. (iv) 120-131. JB-1942JP: PDF
Fouad, Mostafa A. A new norlignan glycoside from Cestrum diurnum L.. (xiii) 63-70. 07-2382CP: PDF
Franz, Andreas H. Solution conformations of three small cluster oligosaccharide mimetics (SCOM) from D-glucosamine, D-altrosamine, and (-)-quinic acid. (xiii) 235-251. 07-2489DP: PDF
Frauenrath, Herbert Asymmetric synthesis of 4H-1,3-dioxins and investigations in the metal catalyzed aziridination: aziridination versus insertion and stereoselective course. (x) 245-259. AK-2288GP: PDF
Fülöp, Ferenc Synthesis and steric structure of pyrrolidine- and piperidine-fused 1,3,4,2-oxadiazaphosphinanes. (v) 202-209. LT-2196HP: PDF
Ganeshpure, Pralhad A. Application of triethylammonium salts as ionic liquid catalyst and medium for Fischer esterification. (viii) 273-278. WA-2277AP: PDF
Garson, Mary J. Isocyanates in marine sponges: Axisocyanate-3, a new sesquiterpene from Acanthella cavernosa. (vii) 157-166. UR-2060CP: PDF
Genêt, Jean-Pierre Preparation of enantiomerically pure 1,3-anti-diols by sequential ruthenium-mediated asymmetric hydrogenation reactions. (x) 94-106. AK-2204GP: PDF
Georgescu, Emilian New N-bridgehead heterocyclic compounds. II. Carbamoyl-substituted azaindolizines. (x) 381-394. AK-2497GP: PDF
Gesser, José Carlos On the mechanism of the reaction between aryl acetates and hydroxylamine. (xv) 199-214. 07-2727CP: PDF
Ghammamy, Shahriare Synthesis and characterization of two new triphenylphosphonium halochromates, (C6H5)3PH[CrO3X], (X=F, Br). (xv) 61-65. 07-2394AP: PDF
Goswami, Papori Selective and effective oxone-catalysed α-iodination of ketones and 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds in the solid state. (xv) 82-89. 07-2686UP: PDF
Gouverneur, Veronique A convergent approach for the synthesis of fluorinated sphingosine analogues. (x) 232-244. AK-2285GP: PDF
Granzhan, Anton Synthesis of 9-amino- and 9-sulfanyl-substituted benzo[b]quinolizinium derivatives. (viii) 136-149. WA-2128AP: PDF
Griesbeck, Axel G. Synthesis of (6S)-6-hydroxy-4-epi-shikimic acid. (viii) 216-223. WA-2130AP: PDF
Grigg, Ronald Cyclometallated Ir(III), Rh(III) and Ru(II) complexes as catalysts for the cyclotrimerisation of 1,6-diynes with monoynes. (xi) 145-160. HG-2150EP: PDF
Gupta, Dr. Monika Tetrabutylammoniumbromide mediated Knoevenagel condensation in water: synthesis of cinnamic acids. (i) 94-98. 07-2272KP: PDF
Güven, Özden Özel Synthesis and characterization of some novel 4-furyl substituted 3-imidazoline 3-oxides. (xv) 142-147. 07-2644EP: PDF
Harmata, Michael A synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-4-pyridones. (v) 91-103. LT-2057HP: PDF
Hashemi, Mohammed M. Red mud catalyzed one-pot synthesis of nitriles from aldehydes and hydroxylamine hydrochloride under microwave irradiation. (xv) 162-170. 07-2512BP: PDF
Hassan, Alaa A. Benzo- and naphthoimidazoxadiazolediene, naphthobisthiazole as well as naphthothiazine derivatives from 1-acylthiosemicarbazides. (i) 222-235. 07-2432BP: PDF
Hassan, Alaa A. Nucleophilic reactions of 1-substituted-2,5-dithiobiureas with chlorinated benzo- and naphthoquinones as well as (1,3-dioxo-2,3-dihydro-1(H)-inden-2-ylidene)propanedinitrile. (xiv) 229-244. 07-2577DP: PDF
Hassan, Alaa A. Indazole derivatives from substituted ylidene-N-phenylhydrazinecarbothioamides and benzo- as well as naphthoquinones. (xv) 265-280. 07-2676CP: PDF
Hassaneen, Huwaida M. E. A novel one-pot three-components reaction: synthesis of indeno[2',1':5,6]pyrido[2,3:4'',5'']pyrimido[2'',1''-c]triazole-5,7-dione. A new ring system. (i) 154-163. 07-2387LP: PDF
Heravi, Majid Momahed 2,6-Dicarboxypyridinum chlorochromate: an efficient oxidizing agent for the very fast oxidation of Hantzsch 1,4- dihydropyridines. (xiii) 190-194. 07-2274MP: PDF
Heravi, Majid Momahed Acetylation of alcohols, phenols and salicylic acid by heteropoly acids in acetic anhydride: a green and eco-friendly protocol for synthesis of acetyl salicylic acid (Aspirin). (xvi) 123-131. 07-2470MP: PDF
Herrera, Antonio 2,4-Di-tert-butil-5,6-dialkylpyrimidines: easily prepared alternative to non-nucleophilic hindered bases. (xvi) 58-64. 07-2752EP: PDF
Hoyos de Rossi, Rita Synthesis of 5-(alkylthio or arylthio)-3H-1,2-dithiol-3-one derivatives. (iv) 279-284. JB-2077JP: PDF
Hunter, Roger Synthesis and inclusion of S-aryl alkylthiosulfinates as stable allicin mimics. (ix) 53-63. BA-2084LP: PDF
Hussain, Hidayat Lapachol: An overview. (ii) 145-171. 07-2535LR: PDF
Hussain, Hidayat Antibacterial organotin(IV) compounds, their synthesis and spectral characterization. (xiv) 289-299. 07-2633DP: PDF
Ihmels, Heiko A Tribute to Prof. Waldemar Adam. (viii) 1-6. WA-1420AT: PDF
Ila, Hiriyakkanavar Synthesis of novel 3-arylcyclopenta[c]quinolines via acid-induced domino cyclization of 2-arylamino-2-methylthioethenyl 2-arylcyclopropyl ketones. (v) 231-242. LT-2238HP: PDF
Ilitchev, Yuri V. Degradation of rapamycin and its ring-opened isomer: Role of base catalysis. (xii) 110-131. MJ-2279BP: PDF
Ivanov, Petko M. Large-ring cyclodextrins. A molecular dynamics study of the conformational dynamics and energetics of CD10, CD14 and CD26. (xiii) 167-189. 07-2515DP: PDF
Ivanov, Iliyan Regioselective acylation of β-enaminones of homoveratrylamine. (xv) 11-17. 07-2514EP: PDF
Ivanov, Iliyan Application of ortho-acylated phenylacetic acid esters to the synthesis of 1-substituted isochromanes. (xv) 31-44. 07-2642HP: PDF
Jahngen, Edwin Mechanism of the decarboxylative rearrangement of α-(carbonyl)cyclopropane carboxylic acids to 2-substituted-4,5-dihydrofurans. (ix) 135-149. BA-2259LP: PDF
Jerome, Robert Synthesis of new substituted lactones by "click" chemistry. (x) 292-306. AK-2283GP: PDF
Jones, Raymond C. F. Intermolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions of azomethine imines. (v) 152-166. LT-2118HP: PDF
Jones, Gurnos The First Forty Years of the Heterocyclic Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. (xi) 1-22. HG-1426ET: PDF
Jones, Raymond C. F. An alkylation route to carbo- and heteroaromatic amino acids. (xi) 73-84. HG-2122EP: PDF
Jones, R. Alan The tautomeric properties of 6-(2-pyrrolyl)pyridazin-3-one and 6-(2-pyrrolyl)pyridazin-3-thione. (xi) 114-119. HG-2164EP: PDF
Jones, Keith The tandem radical route to indole alkaloids: an unusual rearrangement reaction. (xi) 120-128. HG-2154EP: PDF
Joshaghani, Mohammad Quinolinium tribromide; a mild and very efficient oxidant in organic synthesis. (i) 164-172. 07-2386HP: PDF
Joshaghani, Mohammad Oxidative transformation of organic compounds using bis(bipyridine)silver(II) peroxydisulfate. (xvi) 260-265. 07-2762AP: PDF
Jozwiak, Andrzej A Tribute to Prof Jan Epsztajn. (vi) 1-5. JE-1419MT: PDF
Jozwiak, Andrzej Preparation of methoxyazaisoindolinones. (vi) 188-192. JE-1993MP: PDF
Kaboudin, Babak Dry reaction of dialkyl phosphite with aldehydes in the presence of acetic anhydride for the synthesis of 1-acetoxyphosphonates on solid bases. (xiii) 124-132. 07-2507HP: PDF
Kaboudin, Babak A reinvestigation of the synthesis of 1-aminoarylmethylphosphonates on the surface of alumina and novel method for the synthesis of bis[1-diethoxyphosphoryl aryl methyl] amines. (xiii) 210-217. 07-2488CP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Regiospecific preparation of 1,4,5-trisubstituted pyrazoles from 2-(1H-1,2,3-benzotriazol-1-yl)-3-(4-aryl)-2-propenals. (i) 9-21. 07-2282DP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. C-Cyanation with 1-cyanobenzotriazole. (iii) 5-12. EA-1851DP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. C-Imidoylation of esters, sulfones, sulfoxides, amides and nitro compounds. (v) 263-276. LT-2249HP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Efficient synthesis of 1,3-benzodioxin-4-one and benzoxazine-2,4-diones. (vi) 6-13. JE-1850MP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Microwave mediated syntheses of β-enamino thioic acid derivatives. (x) 142-151. AK-2250GP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Benzotriazole-mediated amidoalkylations of nitroalkanes, nitriles, alkynes and esters. (xi) 96-113. HG-1986EP: PDF
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